For centuries we were led to believe that you should go out into the world and seek your fortune. Dick Whittington did it, Jack did it, every country in the world has a Fairy tale about it and every Pantomime season reminds us about it.

It’s even heralded as “The American Dream”…

Making our fortune means that we will happily ever after – Right?


The World Happiness Index (it exists and it’s serious) identifies that the richest nations are not the happiest, but that real happiness comes from a lack of stress.

Low stress means that you sleep well, sleeping well means that you both feel more alert and that you make better decisions. Making better decisions in turn means that you are less stressed and that you sleep better. In short the better you sleep the happier you feel – and no doubt the happier those that you interact with feel.

Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway come at the top of the Happiness Index. All of these countries have free healthcare, longer life expectancy and an outdoor lifestyle.

Stop chasing your fortune – it only brings stress.

Sleep well, eat good food, feel energetic and live life to its fullest – Happiness is the proven outcome.