The Rollfirm Range by Mattress 5 can be customised so that each side of the mattress has a different feel. Choose either a Firm or Medium firmness level for the left facing or right facing side and both you and your partner will enjoy comfort without compromise.

Note: choose left or right hand facing when standing at the foot of the bed looking at the mattress. These mattresses do not need to be turned or rotated.

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January 26, 2017

How To Master The Weekend Lie-in

The Best Part of the Week

It’s no mystery as to why we all enjoy a lie-in at the weekends. After the midweek rigours of studying, working and exercising, nothing beats a few more minutes (or hours!) of shut-eye to help your body recover. It’s not just great, but also great for you!

The problem a lot of people face by having long-lie however is oversleeping and then feeling groggy, unproductive and lethargic all day. Before they know it, they’re back to work on Monday morning without having fully embraced or enjoyed the weekend. Too much of a good thing is often bad! If you want to rest well and still enjoy your time off, then we have a few easy and fun tips that will make you a master of the long-lie.

Don’t Snooze!

The first step towards being a true weekend warrior is to avoid hitting the snooze button. Whether you’re setting you alarm later or turning it off all together, you should always stay awake as soon as you wake up. Everybody sleeps in cycles of light and deep sleep, which make you feel well-rested if fully completed without disturbance. This is why some people can have less than the recommended 8 hours of sleep every night and still feel fresh, healthy and alert in the morning. So, when you wake up, don’t press snooze and go back to sleep for 10 minutes as you will only get part of another sleep cycle and wake up feeling more tired and lethargic than before.


Take It Slow

The next thing to do to help you embrace your long-lie is to spend a few extra minutes relaxing in bed, helping your body wake up gently and gradually. Read a book, write something down or turn on some nice music. If you are a creative person, mornings are known to be a great time for inspiration to strike, so pull out that notepad or musical instrument and let your imagination run wild. Doing some stretching, yoga or a little light exercise can also be great to wake up your body. If any of these are already part of your morning routine, don’t sacrifice them just because it’s the weekend!


The World Is Your Oyster

Before you even leave your bed, it can be helpful to plan out your day. Having some goals in mind or reminding yourself of things you have to do can help you prepare well and make the most of your weekend, even if your plan involves watching TV or making a tasty brunch. Your relaxation time is precious and every minute counts!


Clean Up Your Act

Finally, having your regular morning bathroom rituals can help to create a feeling of alertness. As fun as it is to slum it in jammies until the afternoon, it can often lead to feeling lethargic and uncomfortable as the day goes on. Taking the time to get clean and dressed will make you feel fresh and ready for the day, even if most of it will be spent binge-watching your new favourite TV show!

When it comes to having the best sleep, nothing quite beats a quality mattress. Mattress5 is specially designed to provide a fresh, supportive and comfortable sleeping experience that is affordable for anyone. Our “Snoozer” in particular has just the right level of luxurious comfort to ensure that you don’t miss a wink of rest on a lazy weekend morning.

We hope you all have a relaxing and well-rested weekend! Keep an eye out for more Pillow Talk for advice on sleeping health, bedrooms and everything in between as we lead up to the release of Mattress5!

January 26, 2017